Nudist/Naturist Scholarships and Awards

    Most of these scholarships are awarded annually, if there are qualified applicants.  (Some have never been applied for.)  All require membership in a local and/or national naturist organization.  Length of required membership varies.  These awards are available:

    AANR Junior Man & Junior Woman of the Year (age 5-17):  This $100 short essay competition now operates at the national level, only.

    AANR Junior Award for Nudist Studies (age 5-22):  $300 for the best nudist-related school project submitted for a grade.

    NEF Junior Scholastic Award (high school):  $250 for a 1500- to 3000-word essay good enough to publish in a magazine.  Must be a TNS member.

    Naturist Education Foundation scholarship:  $1,000 for a publishable scholarly article (competitions twice a year).  Must be a current TNS member (possibly just joined--$50) and a current college student.  Graduate students are eligible.

    AANR regional scholarships:  Check out the specifics, as the seven regions vary.  The Southwestern and Florida regions have abandoned their scholarship programs.  Most of the others offer two college scholarships of $1,000 each year.  Requirements usually include 2-3 years of AANR membership ($15.00 in most regions) and an essay.  Graduate students are eligible only in certain regions, but scoring may be weighted in favor of younger students.

    AANR Education Foundation scholarships:  Varying amounts--mainly intended as matching awards for regional college scholarship winners--but others may apply, including graduate students.

    American Nudist Research Library scholarship:  $1,000 to a high school senior or graduate within the last two years.  Requirements include 3 years in any nudist organization (including local) and a brief essay.

    In recent years, tuition costs have far outpaced the value of these scholarships. But a person can apply for several awards (with a different essay for each one).

    Requirements for some of these are posted on the Internet.  Most are not.  For specific details, contact the sponsoring organizations:
All regions of AANR:
AANR Junior Award for Nudist Studies:
AANR Education Foundation:
American Nudist Research Library:
Naturist Education Foundation:

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